lime fruits

Lime Fruits

Lime fruits are edible acidic fruit commonly grown in tropical and subtropical regions.

They have high Vitamin C content making them a great antioxidant source.

Depending on size, one lime can give you 20-32% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C.

They come in different shapes and sizes with a smooth green, zesty skin with occasional yellow hues.

There are different varieties to choose from, from the Mexican limes to the Key limes, and the Tahiti limes.

Do limes taste the same as lemons?

Their taste is quite similar to lemons in the sense that they are both acidic. However, there is a slight difference in scent and flavor. Lemons tend to be sweeter than limes.

It can be eaten as a fruit, squeezed in cocktails, sprinkled on salads, or used in various dishes.

Lime Fruit Nutrition and Benefits


The Lime fruit is packed with essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, E, and K. It is also rich in calcium and Folate. Below is a look at important nutrients measured in grams and % daily value (DV).

Important nutritional facts per 1 cup (242g) serving are:

Calories 60.5
Carbohydrates 20.4g
Protein 1.0g
Fat 0.2g
Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 121%
Vitamin E 3%
Vitamin K 2%
Calcium 3%
Folate 6%


Lime fruits have are a good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamins A, B, C, and D. As such, they can provide numerous benefits to the body.

They contain flavonoid compounds that have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties

Some benefits of lime fruits are:

  • Can help boost your immunity
  • Can help reduce wrinkles
  • Can help treat dark spots, blemishes, acne, and open pores on the skin
  • Can help promote hair growth
  • Can help eliminate dandruff from the hair
  • Can promotes healthy, glowing skin
  • Can aid in weight loss
  • Can help lower cholesterol levels
  • Can help prevent the formation of kidney stones
  • Can be beneficial for Diabetics as it helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Can help reduce inflammation
  • Can help keep gums healthy

Lime Fruit Calories

One cup (242g) of lime fruit has 60.5 calories. 

They are rich in Vitamin C and are a good source of Folate

They contain hesperidin and limonoid compounds to help keep your cholesterol in check.

How to enjoy Lime fruits

There are different ways to enjoy lime fruit, you can:

  • Use it in drinks such as water, juice, or alcoholic beverages.
  • Use it to make salt preservatives such as pickles
  • Use it to flavor meat, tea, and confectionery.
  • Preserve it into syrup or process it into jam.
  • Use it to make desserts such as Leche plan in the Philippines

Lime Fruits Known risks

Some people may experience acid reflux from consuming lime fruit because of its acidity. 

Other people may experience vomiting, nausea, difficulty swallowing, and heartburn.

Thanks to their acidic nature, it may erode your enamel, as such, it is best to consume lime in moderation. 

Besides, you should also protect your teeth from the acid from lime by using a straw and rinsing your mouth with plain water after eating or drinking lime.