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Where do guava fruit Trees Grow

Guava is a tropical fruit found in most tropical and subtropical regions around the world. 

It has a light green or yellow skin with pale pink, white, yellow, or deep red flesh.

Guava Fruit varieties

The taste and general outlook of the fruit will depend on the variety that you find. 

There are over 150 varieties of this fruit. Some of the most common varieties are the Beaumont, Mexican Cream, Detwiler, Strawberry Pink, and the Red Apple Guava.

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How to Eat Guava Fruit

Guava can be eaten on its own or blended into juice or a smoothie, or even mixed in a fruit salad. 

It can also be used as a fruit-based beverage, made into jam, marmalade, or jelly or it can be cooked in pastries, meats, or on toasts.

Every part of the fruit can be eaten, including the seeds and skin. Simply wash clean and enjoy it!

How To Tell When Guava Fruit is Ripe for eating

When ripe, the guava fruit skin tends to change color and when touched, they  tend to be soft or tender to the touch. 

When ripe, they tend to give off a strong musty, sweet smell. 

If the skin was dark green when raw, as it ripens, it will turn a light yellow-green color.

Guava Fruit Benefits

The Guava fruit is considered a super fruit thanks to its numerous health benefits. Benefits of eating guava fruit include:

  • It can boost one’s immunity thanks to its rich content of vitamin C in the fruit.
  • It can help optimize digestion thanks to its high fiber content.
  • It can help maintain blood sugar levels thanks to its rich fiber content.
  • It can help neutralize free radicals in the body such as cancer cells thanks to its high antioxidant content.
  • It can help improve the potassium and sodium balance of the body thus maintaining a healthy heart.
  • It is beneficial to pregnant women thanks to its rich content of folic acid.
  • Guava is packed with antioxidants which can be beneficial to the skin. It can help fight the skin aging process.
  • Thanks to the Vitamin A content, guava fruit can also help improve one’s vision.

Many of these health benefits are not scientificaly proofen, but are backed up with centuries of experiance.

Guava Leaves Benefits

guava tree flower

  • Guava leaves contain an antiseptic that can help fight acne and black spots on one’s skin. Simply apply mashed or ground leaves on the problem area for a few minutes every day for a few days and you will notice the difference.
  • The leaves can help in weight loss since they can help prevent the complex starches from being converted into sugars.
  • They can help treat diarrhea and dysentery.
  • They can help cure Dengue fever
  • They can help promote hair growth
  • They can help increase sperm production.
  • Guava leaf extract can help reduce menstrual cramps.
  • It can help reduce a mild case of gingivitis.
  • Guava leaf extract may help reduce pain and stiffness of the knee by a small percentage.


Many of these health benefits are not scientificaly proofen, but are backed up with centuries of experiance.

Research Related to Guava Fruit

Guava Fruit Side Effects

  • Guava leaves used on sensitive skin, especially skin with eczema may result in irritation and make eczema worse.
  • When used on Diabetic patients, it may lower blood sugar. As such, it needs to be taken with caution and the blood sugar has to be checked frequently.
  • Much as it can help treat diarrhea, too much consumption of guava can also result in diarrhea!