best fruit baskets

There are plenty of ways to send a token of love to your precious ones, but the best way is to send a gift basket full of favorite sweets and treats.

Finding the right gift for your dear ones on any occasion can be difficult. It’s rather easy to run out of ideas and keep repeating choices every year.

Customized gift baskets often save the day. You can choose any goodies you like and add special messages to ensure the recipient knows it has been arranged only for them.

Chocolates and other sweet treats are quite common, so if you wish to be different, you can customize a fruit basket too.

You can easily make a fruit basket at home. Pick some fresh and juicy fruits, arrange them in a basket, decorate it with ribbons or whatever you like, and bring it to your favorite person.

These baskets can serve as a Christmas present, a spring treat, or a Friendship’s Day gift.

However, if you are out of time or don’t trust your creativity, you are still sorted – you can get it online!

Fruit baskets are readily available in the market. And now you don’t even have to visit a fruit shop because you can order it online. Many online gift shops offer beautiful arrangements of gift baskets, including fruit baskets.

You can also direct the makers to add a personalized touch. There is always a choice available for everyone.

To help you find the basket of your choice, here’s a review of some of our top-trendy best fruit baskets online.

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1. Orchard Favorites Gift Basket

Orchard Gift Basket

The Orchard Favorites Gift Basket includes a colorful arrangement of nutritious and yummy fruits packed in a wicker basket.

Golden State Fruit lets you send your best wishes to loved ones in condolence or comfort food. Moreover, they have a curated selection of fruits and other goodies to show you care about others.

This fruit basket includes two varieties of apples, pears, seasonal fruit, mandarins, and oranges, forming a complete package of love and nutrition.

Also, you can add message notes to the basket by providing the details to the makers.

Indeed, the Orchard Favorites Gift Basket offers the best-mixed fruit arrangement with a dash of creativity and elegant packaging.

Quick Features

  • Orchard Signature Presentation: Orchard packs their favorite fruits for a beautiful presentation that touches hearts every occasion.
  • Varieties: The fruit basket includes two juicy and tasteful varieties of apples and two varieties of pears.
  • Complimentary Add-ons: With the apples and pears, the Golden State Fruit basket makers include delicious mandarins, oranges, and seasonal fruit.
  • Basket Appearance: Collectively, 10-11 pieces of fruit are tied with a bow-knot in a wicker basket
  • The perfect balance of juicy and tender fruits
  • Beautiful arrangement
  • Customizable basket services
  • Excellent fruit basket delivery
  • You can add adorable message notes of your choice
  • Traditional basket presentation
  • Little variety of fruit

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2. GiftTree Five Star Premium Grade Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

To bring your loved ones a refreshing treat, this basket from GiftTree is everything you need. It offers top quality food items and beautiful handmade decorations.

With fresh fruits, gourmet sweets, and many other snacking favorites, make a gift that will posit something more than a five-star review.

In this loving basket, you will find flowers, chocolates, fruits, and other snacks that’ll enlighten your receiver’s mood. Moreover, there are premium grade fruits included in the basket rich with pulpy goodness.

The tropical island mix of naturally sweet, delicious, and healthy dried fruits such as papaya, kiwi, coconut, banana, pineapple, and mango will leave a mouth-watering expression.

Quick Features

  • Handmade Basket: With 3 Premium Fresh Kiwis, 3 Gift Grade Pears, and 4 Crisp Apples represents a balance of pure love and care.
  • Add-ons: This basket is a mix of fruity blasters and a handful of Peach Gummies, Almond Roca Chocolates, White Cheddar Popcorn, Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, and more.
  • Decoration: Embellished with a beautiful hand-tied Satin Ribbon with that says, “Happy Father’s Day.” The packaging also includes scissors to cut the ribbon open easily.
  • Personalized Attachment: GiftTree gives you a chance to personalize your gift basket with an attached card that reads your message.
  • Variety of items
  • A mix of sweet, sour, and salty fruits
  • Personalized attachments option
  • Excellent fruit basket delivery
  • Expensive delivery services

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3. Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Basket

If “sweet meets savory for every occasion” had a face, then it would be the Gourmet Gift Basket.

From holiday presents to low-carb snacks, this fruit basket is a blend of healthy items. It is a nut and fruit gift basket from Nut Carvings with a touch of gourmet fineness.

The section tray is full of chewy, soft dried fruits like pineapple slices, mango bits, kiwi chips, apple rings, apricots, and pineapple slices.

You can trust the quality of Nut Cravings goodies without any investigation because they handpick their fruit, which is purely harvested in the US.

So, grab your festively wrapped baskets for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any event where your friends and family come together. Moreover, Nut Cravings guarantees crackproof box arrival.

Quick Features

  • Quality Grown Fruits in the USA: All food items are handpicked, creatively arranged, and purely harvested in America. 100% crackproof.
  • Gourmet Fruit & Nut Gifts: The basket includes an incredible variety of a vast and sweet assortment of luscious dried fruits, and savory, salty roasted nuts.
  • Fun, Intuitive Packaging: The package incorporates sectional trays, which include an attractive custom branded gift box for sending. It is a perfect present for many occasions, including Christmas, holidays, or birthdays.
  • Scrumptious Fruits: The Jumbo set includes five different types of satisfying, soft dried fruits, including apple rings, kiwi, apricot slices, pineapple, and mango.
  • Crispy selection of dried fruits
  • Crispy selection of dried fruits
  • Purely kosher
  • Large enough platter to serve the entire family
  • Affordable package
  • Not the most fun package for kids.

4. Holiday Chocolate, Nuts & Fresh Fruit Gift Basket

Beautiful Fruit Basket

If you love to spoil your family and friends with a basket full of healthy and yummy snacks, look no further.

The Holiday Chocolate fruits and nuts gift basket from Golden State Fruit offers the best gestures of a happy holiday basket. It includes fresh fruit, some chocolate confectionaries, crunchy nuts, and other beautifully decorated food items.

Many people have given away this basket because they believe it is the best Christmas gift basket ever.

Furthermore, each basket is hand-packed, which makes this fruit basket even more reliable. As it is a traditional /holiday basket, you can send it to your work buddies, friends, and family members and enjoy sweetness and delight.

Quick Features

  • Fruity Items: The holiday basket contains a variety of fruity items, including Red and comice pears, Navel oranges, Satsuma mandarins, Granny Smith, and Braeburn apples.
  • Basket Package: There is an abundant selection of yummy chocolates, nuts, and fresh fruit that’ll fill your mouth with bursting flavors.
  • Chocolaty Items: These include a bar of solid milk chocolate shaped like a Christmas tree, peppermint bark, and Golden State Fruit’s signature dark chocolate with a drizzle of freshly made caramel corn.
  • Elaborative Items: Other than fruits and chocolates, the basket contains roasted mixed nuts, toffee almonds, and more. Also, each item is handpicked and packed in a wicker basket tied with a red ribbon bow.
  • The best combination of nuts, chocolates, and fruits
  • Excellent quality food items
  • A crunchy mix of nuts and almonds
  • Delivery quality is poor
  • Most of the fruits come squashed


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5. Imperial Comice Pears Holiday Fruit Basket

Holiday Fruit Basket

If you need a fruit basket for someone whole likes some juicy pears, quickly order the Imperial Comice Pears Holiday fruit basket.

It includes nine pears, arranged in a sturdy box that does a number on the quality of fruit inside. Without a doubt, this is one of the simplest and best fruit baskets to order online. What’s more? The manufacturer even lets you add a note with a lovely personalized message.

The most trustworthy thing about the Imperial pears is that they are handpicked and packed with love. Plus, all the pears are checked for ripeness and then put forward for packaging.

Quick Features

  • Pear Quality: In the traditionally made fruit box, you will witness nine big, juicy, and delicious pears taken out from Golden State Fruit’s Orchards.
  • Comice Pears Specialty: These pairs are famous for their juicy texture and mesmerizing flavor. They are great for eating directly out of hand.
  • Suitable to eat: You can prefer to eat the pears with a glass of wine. Also, set aside some cheese for additional flavor, and have a moment of pleasure with a divine taste.
  • Perfect for Occasions: These pears are handpicked in a flat and rectangular box, making this fruit basket the best one to order online for any occasion.
  • Contains enough pears to feed the entire family
  • Suitable for all holidays
  • Beautiful texture and juicy pears
  • Some consumers found the pears to be unripe
  • Unappealing decoration

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6. Broadway Basketeers Nut and Dried Fruit Basket
Dried Fruit Basket

Are you looking for the best nutritious and delicious snack for a giveaway? Check out this nut and dried fruit gift tray from Broadway Basketeers.

The tray offers a gorgeous blend of chewy and sweet dried fruits, and some savory roasted nuts. Let the richly roasted pistachios and premium almonds take you into the heavens of flavor and crunchy bites.  

The dried fruits are sweetly sliced into tiny segments that fit well into the sectioned tray. So, if you value a beautifully decorated and packaged edible snack basket, it will satisfy every occasion.

Furthermore, Broadway Basketeers also offer custom-designed gift boxes to add or deduct any dried fruit or nut from their gift baskets.

Quick Features

  • Flavorful Reusable Packaging: The box contains six even compartments, neatly filled to the brim. You can use this unique and beautiful gift tray for every occasion, or entertaining guests.
  • Suitable for: The collection of dried fruits and nuts make this a perfect gift for office employees, Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion.
  • Certifications: It is Kosher Certified, making it healthy and ideal for recipients to enjoy a glass of juice or wine.
  • Variety of Fruits: Enjoy the remarkable collection of kosher pareve and healthy nuts and dried fruit, which include plums, pears, peaches, dates, almonds, prunes, and apricots.
  • A lovely assortment of nuts and dried fruits
  • Reliable customer service
  • Reusable gift tray
  • Quality items

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There will never come a time when gift baskets will go out of fashion because they are elegant and straightforward gestures of how much someone means to you. 
So, spread the love with these budget-friendly fruit baskets.
Don’t let anyone in your family or friend’s list sit in their home without a basket full of nutty, chocolate, and fruity delights.
You can order them online too.

Want to try and make one at home yourself? Click here!